Don’t miss this seminal lecture ‘Why now is more important than ever’ delivered by Professor Mary Louise Hemmeter as part of our Two Weeks of Connection and Professional Learning on the Pyramid Model. 




The lecture will explore how COVID, as well as natural disasters, social unrest, and other traumatic events in the lives of young children and their families, has had a tremendous impact on young children’s social emotional development and the programs, caregivers, and early childhood educators who support them. From an educational perspective, the growing concerns around exclusionary discipline practices, the balance between focusing on social emotional development and early academics, the mental health needs of early childhood educators, and the lack of supports in our early childhood systems further highlight the need to focus on young children’s social-emotional development. In this presentation, Dr. Hemmeter will provide background context, information about what we know works and what supports are needed and the limits of what we know. 
The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with Dr Kerry Bull, Dr Tim Moore, Sara Stockman, Dr Mary Louise Hemmeter and Dr Rob Corso. The panel discussion will further explore the lecture’s territory as well as discuss:


  • The role of tiered models in Early Childhood Programs
  • What we know about Australian children’s social and emotional development
  • The evidence for the Pyramid Model in Australia
  • How the Pyramid Model is being implemented in Australia



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