Full Pyramid Model Training – 4 Full Days 

Day 1 April 30 – Introduction to the Pyramid Model – Overview & Tier 1 Universal Supports 

At the universal level we include the practices needed to ensure the promotion of the social development of all children.

  • Nurturing and Responsive Relationships
    • Essential to healthy social development
    • Includes relationships with children, families and team members

Day 2 June 18 – Pyramid Model Tier 1 Universal Supports

  • High Quality Environments
    • Inclusive early care and education environments
    • Supportive home environments

Day 3 August 13 – Pyramid Model Tier 2 Secondary Prevention

Prevention which represents practices that are targeted social emotional strategies to prevent problems. The prevention level includes the provision of targeted supports to children at risk of challenging behavior.

  • Targeted Social Emotional Supports
    •  Explicit instruction and support
    • Self-regulation, expressing and understanding emotions, developing social relationships and problem-solving

Day 4 October 22 – Pyramid Model Tier 3 Tertiary Intervention

Intervention which is comprised of practices related to individualised intensive interventions. The tertiary level of the Pyramid Model describes the need to provide individualised and intensive interventions to the very small number of children with persistent challenges.

  • Individualised Intensive Interventions
    • Family-centered, comprehensive interventions
    • Assessment-based
    • Skill-building

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Working with Children with Behavioural Challenges & Their Families

(9 hours in total) Delivered online or face to face as 3 x 3hr sessions.

The use of the Pyramid Model framework and positive behaviour support strategies will provide an intervention to assist families during home visits, therapy consultations and in collaboration with early childhood services. The book Prevent, teach, Reinforce for Families will be used (15% discount available) to guide therapeutic support for families and children with severe behavioural challenges.

  • $450/person
  • $4,500/group with a maximum of 12 people
  • $1,708/person one on one

Date: TBA June 2021


Consulting to Preschool Services

(12 hours in total) Delivered online or face to face as 4 x 3hr sessions.

This training provides guidance for consultants working to support early years groups with children with severe behavioural challenges. It includes:

  1.  conducting planning and review meetings;
  2. guiding eduactors’ planning;
  3. data collection and review;
  4. using positive behaviour support strategies and focused observation; and
  5. engaging with families and respecting everyone’s prior knowledge.
  • $550/person
  • $5,550/group with a maximum of 12 people
  • $2,277/person one on one

Dates: TBA August



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