Pyramid Model Full Day Forum and Small Workshop Series

Dr Mary Louise Hemmeter, co-creator of the Pyramid Model, will be visiting us from the USA for the last two weeks in March 2023 to run a full day forum, training and workshops for professionals. 

Topics will include:
  • Peer and Group Coaching
  • Practice Based Coaching
  • Data Informed Decision Making
  • Supporting Parent-Child Interactions
  • Supporting Resilience in Young Children
  • Program & Service Wide Implementation
  • Using the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT)
  • Why is now more important than ever?  Looking at The Pyramid Model within our local and broader global contexts and exploring what we know about effective practice.
  • 2 Hour Workshops: $66/person 
  • 3 Hour Workshops: $99/person
  • Full Day Forum Face to Face : $385/person
  • 2 Days TPOT Training Training $825/person
  • 1 Day Practice Based Coaching Training $440/person

Registrations Opening Soon! 

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To find out more, please email Pyramid Model Australia or call Andrea on 0432 477 726.



Introductory Training

Educator Teams Introductory Training Introduction to the Pyramid Model delivered ONLINE as 1 x 2 hour session 

  • $550/educator team.
Full Pyramid Model Training – 4 Full Days in 2023

Full Pyramid Model Training (28 hours in total), delivered ONLINE as 4 full days:

  • $1,320/person

Day 1 March 10- Introduction to the Pyramid Model – Overview & Tier 1 Universal Supports 

At the universal level we include the practices needed to ensure the promotion of the social development of all children.

  • Nurturing and Responsive Relationships
    • Essential to healthy social development
    • Includes relationships with children, families and team members

Day 2 May 19 – Pyramid Model Tier 1 Universal Supports

  • High Quality Environments
    • Inclusive early care and education environments
    • Supportive home environments

Day 3 July 28 – Pyramid Model Tier 2 Secondary Prevention

Prevention which represents practices that are targeted social emotional strategies to prevent problems. The prevention level includes the provision of targeted supports to children at risk of challenging behavior.

  • Targeted Social Emotional Supports
    •  Explicit instruction and support
    • Self-regulation, expressing and understanding emotions, developing social relationships and problem-solving

Day 4 October 13 – Pyramid Model Tier 3 Tertiary Intervention

Intervention which is comprised of practices related to individualised intensive interventions. The tertiary level of the Pyramid Model describes the need to provide individualised and intensive interventions to the very small number of children with persistent challenges.

  • Individualised Intensive Interventions
    • Family-centered, comprehensive interventions
    • Assessment-based
    • Skill-building

Full Pyramid Model Training: (28 hours in total), delivered FACE to FACE as 4 full days:

  • $1,540/person
  • Date: TBA early 2023
Single Tier Training

(7 hours in total), Choose from Relationships, Environments, Social Emotional or Intensive Intervention. Delivered as either:

  • $330 for ONLINE session per person  
  • $385 for FACE to FACE session per person
  • Date: For dates check under The Full Pyramid Model Training category above

** Please note the prerequisite for undertaking ‘Intensive Intervention’ is completion of ALL other Pyramid Model tiers. See above for dates.  

Tier 1 & 2 Pyramid Model Training

(12 hours in total), delivered ONLINE as 4 x 3 hour sessions:

  • $660/person
  • Date: TBA early 2023
Practice-Based Coaching to Support Training or E-Module Learning

Delivered as either:   

  • $380 for 1.5hr ONLINE session per person or small  service team  
  • $660 for 3hr FACE to FACE session per person or small service team (includes observation time)
The Pyramid Model Coaching Training

Delivered online or face to face as one day training. An intensive workshop to prepare coaches to deliver practice-based coaching to classroom practitioners who are implementing the Pyramid Model:

  • $440/person
  • Date: 28 March 2023
Train the Trainer – Teaching Pyramid Observation Tools (TPOT)

Delivered online or face to face as two days training. An intensive workshop to train and certify trainers to conduct user reliability training on the TPOT™

  • $825/person
  • Date: 30 & 31 March 2023

** Please note the prerequisite for undertaking the TPOT training is completion of ALL other Pyramid Model tiers.

TPOT Assessment 

(3hrs total) delivered FACE TO FACE and includes classroom observation, educator interview and report: 

  • $759/person 
  • $77/person (We recommend including at least two follow up coaching sessions) 
Introduction to the Pyramid Model For Families & Committees

(2hrs) Partner with us to introduce the Pyramid Model to your families and or committee members.  Delivered as either:

  • $380 ONLINE 
  • $550 FACE TO FACE
  • Please get in touch for an individualised quotation or to book in a training date for yourself or your organisation.
  • Services can packaged for example training with coaching, or e-modules with coaching. 
  • All workshop costs include program resources.
  • For indicative pricing on face to face training, including travel costs outside of metropolitan Melbourne (150km or more) please contact us.

For more details or to make a booking please contact Andrea Day on 0432477726 or email


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