The Pyramid Model is a proven system for helping teachers and caregivers guide the social-emotional development of young children while improving their ability to learn and self-regulate challenging behaviour. The ePyramid system is a series of 17 online video lessons accompanied by down-loadable tools and templates. The ePyramid lessons equip teachers and caregivers with capabilities and confidence that increases their effectiveness, job satisfaction and longevity.

ePyramid courses are evidence-based and promote nurturing relationships between staff and children. 

The ePyramid Modules are self-paced and can begin as soon as you make a purchase and receive your access code. You have 1 year to activate your code thru the Pyramid Model Consortium website. Once your access code is activated, you will have unlimited access for 365 days.

Yearlong access to the ePyramid Module Package costs $77AUD. 

The Program 

Several ePyramid Module courses are available including:

• Infant Toddler Module Package

• Preschool Module Package

• Birth – 5 Module Package

• Culturally Responsive Practices to Reduce Implicit Bias, Disproportionality Suspension and Expulsion

Download the e-Pyramid flyer for more information including pricing.

Learn how to:

          • Create Nurturing and Responsive Relationships
          • Provide High Quality Supportive Environments
          • Implement Targeted Social Emotional Supports
          • Practice Intensive Interventions

Features and benefits:

          • Content build by industry leaders
          • Evidence based instruction
          • Each package includes up to 24 hours of content
          • One year of online access so you can complete at your own pace
          • Certificate upon Completion

ePyramid Learning Groups 

As a part of the e-Pyramid learning experience, individuals or teams may like to receive coaching sessions to support the application and implementation of Pyramid Model practices. 

Your ePyramid Learning Group is a group of people who are all working to complete the ePyramid Learning Modules and is facilitated by an expert Australian Pyramid Model Coach.

The online coaching provides reading revision, clarification of proposed strategies and discussion with participant educators about any issues/queries they have around using the strategies. A maximum of 8-10 educators per session allows for everyone to contribute in this 2 hour session or 1 ½ hour session with follow up email included ($380/session/team)

To sign up or find out more about ePyramid Module training and coaching, please email Pyramid Model Australia and/or call 0450 631 618.


You may like to watch this video introduction to the ePyramid Modules