In June of this year, the International Society on Early Intervention (ISEI) is being held in Sydney, Australia in conjunction with Early Childhood Intervention Australia.   

The ISEI Conference has a strong history of bringing together experts from all around the world. This is the first time that this conference will be held in the Southern Hemisphere. Previous conferences have been held in Stockholm, St. Petersburg, New York, Zagreb, and Rome. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for learning and networking among researchers and practitioners.

Professor Mary Louise Hemmeter from the United States will be delivering a master lecture: Supporting the Implementation of the Pyramid Model for Promoting the Social Emotional Competence of Infants and Young Children in Early Care and Education Settings.  In conjunction with Kathy Bigelow, PhD (United States) Patricia Snyder, PhD (United States), Professor Hemmeter will also be delivery the lecture: The Pyramid Model for Promoting Young Children’s Social Emotional Competence: Supporting Early Educators to Implement the Model with Fidelity.

For further information and registration details please visit the conference homepage.